One unique and FUN way to reward your employees is by throwing a casino-themed holiday party. From Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Craps, Casino Party Experts provide high-quality, casino game tables, friendly dealers, and over 20+ years of experience in creating memorable Christmas office parties for businesses of all sizes!

Casino Party Experts will assist you with all major aspects of your casino party, including determining the right number of tables and which games to include. Our company will collaborate with you to develop a customised package that will allow you to have right mix of tables and professional dealers, in a layout that works best for your chosen venue.

On the day of your party, our delivery crew will arrive early to set up the tables as per the agreed upon room layout. Our dealers will arrive half an hour prior to the deal time, dressed in their attire. When your employees arrive, they will receive chips so they can play at their desired casino game tables. At the end of the party, attendees will have an opportunity to turn in their chips for raffle tickets to have the opportunity to win prizes.

Is There Really a Need for a Casino-Themed Holiday Party?

It has been proven that doing only office work without any fun, disengages the employees from the business they work at. To regain higher productivity and team atmosphere, office parties and events play a vital role in refreshing minds, nurturing trust in the organization, and shaping a company environment that can keep and attract new talent. Below are the key benefits of throwing a casino-themed holiday party:

Benefit You Will Get from A Casino-Themed Holiday Party

It’s About Team Building

Sitting in a local restaurant together is not the same as a dynamic casino-themed party. So try something new where all employees can engage themselves in playing the most popular casino games, and interact with each other. The increased interaction will lead to more communication, and good communication leads to greater understanding, connections and productivity among your team members.

It’s a Big Thank You to the Stars On Your Team

Don’t lose the opportunity of celebrating the holiday season with your best team members. Remember, this isn’t just another boring holiday party. This is an occasion you will have only once a year to recognise every rock star on your team. You might not be in a position to give bonuses to every employee, and in that case, a well-planned casino-themed holiday party may help inspire everyone and raise morale to achieve greater success in the new year ahead.

Relax & Get To Know Each Other Better

We know you can’t remember the last time you had a break from your regular office routine. If this is true, relax, you are not alone. But now it is time to be unique. It is not a time to have formal conversations all the time with your employees, but rather to have them get to know each other better outside of the traditional office party. Throwing a casino-themed holiday party this upcoming holiday season is the perfect way to have fun, give your employees an opportunity to get to know each other better and set the tone for the beginning of a new year together!

The professional team at Casino Party Experts in Chicago look forward to working with you in creating a fun and memorable company Christmas/Holiday party in December and January!