Giant Lite Brite


Giant Lite Brite For Rent

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Do you have any memories of playing with a Lite Brite as a kid? Now is your chance to play with it again, but this time in a BIGGER and BRIGHTER fashion!

Our Giant Light Bright/Lite Brite rental is now available! For people of all ages, this rental is ideal. It’s an enormous version of the classic peg board game that measures 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall. The pegs are small (around 1/2″), making them easy to handle and difficult to lose. You can choose from so many colors that you’re sure to end up with a vibrant work of art! Keep an eye out for the creative designs you and your visitors come up with! Use the pegs to express your creativity and make your own eye-catching designs.

This rental is ideal if you’re searching for something to add color to your event. This rental is available for both business and private occasions. It can be booked again for private functions like birthdays, weddings, welcome home parties, house warmings, and more. On the business front, it can be utilized for conventions and corporate events. It may even serve as your company’s enormous logo. It can serve as a welcome mat for any occasion.

Both children and adults can enjoy playing the Giant Lite Brite as a team-building activity. Compete to see who can finish first, or work with your team to design the entire thing. A “breaking the ice” game can also be played when guests arrive.

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